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What to wear to a swingers party?


Tonight its going to be on and POPPIN ! Party time! You and your mate are so crunk and can't wait to get out to a swinger club or a swinger party . Hair done, nails done everything did .......and of course the male has gotten GQ'd up for the event. It has been a while since you've tried a new club or party out and you are really looking forward to meeting some exciting new people, interact with them and maybe BUMP UGLIES. LOL.

You have your Liquor, Lube, CONDOMS, wipes and toys ! All you need to do now is figure out what are you going to wear. If your anything like my better half ,You probably have a closet dedicated to swinger parties . But just in case you don't .....What should you wear? Hmmmmm?

For those of you having a problem deciding what to wear to a swinger party, remember to dress comfortably -- that's first and foremost. The aim is to wear clothing that will turn not only your partner's head but others as well. Most men and many women are very visual and you want them to notice you and say DAMN !! You can be as wild as you want -- do not be afraid to let the freaky side out . Eye Candy is a hit at any swingers club.

If you have been in the lifestyle for a while then you already know about the multiple wardrobe changes that occur during the course of the night ! New couples should not be intimidated by the way more experienced swingers dress at parties. You'll learn the ropes soon.

Most new couples that we've seen are more likely to wear more conservative clothing since it is their first time and they don't know what to expect . You will be able to tell them from the others because they will dress just like as if they were going to a regular club . Some new couples will also make the mistake dressing to casual to a swing club. . Some new couples don't realize that their chances of hooking up may be based on the way they are dressed. I know that we're not trying to hook up with swingers dressed like Carlton Banks and Ugly Betty . So dress the part , Chances are your both freaks anyway ....so just let loose !

Dressing for parties is not a rocket science. You should try to attend a party with a theme, or take booty shorts with stiletto heels. By the way fellas, if your lady is looking fine ass hell , You should get GQ'd up too . You always want to fit the bill !

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