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Unicorns in the Lifestyle…… are we real?


As a single female in the  Swinger Lifestyle, I have found that many expect me to be the Unicorn that she and her hubby are looking for, and that I should basically be overly excited that they found me finally!  Like they were the one I was waiting for all along!  Not always Sweetness.

The facts are this….. Just because I might be Bi-curious, single and in the lifestyle doesn’t make me automatically the one for you!   I have grown to learn that being a unicorn is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

If you were to ask most of my friends in the swinger  lifestyle, they would say I’m  probably not a unicorn since I am  so picky about who I am with as a male or female and most of my play time is with men that I have already established a relationship with in the lifestyle.  I am picky!  LOL of course I have been told too picky at times.

But all this leads back to the emails I constantly receive asking me to join them and their husband for the “ultimate” event they have planned.  Whatever happened to getting to know me first?!  What happened to saying Hello my name is______ and I would like to get to know you as a friend first.”??  I rarely see emails like that.  I am constantly overwhelmed by emails from either party of a couple asking me to frolic with them between the sheets instantly.

Answer this question:  Did you meet your partner, boyfriend, lover, spouse, online asking them to frolic first and get to know you later?  I would dare to say NOT.  If you did then you are one of the few and I hope you are enjoying the ride…. :-) .   I like to think I, as well as  most Unicorns out there do not jump into “frolic city” with every email we receive from couples.  If I did I think I would be then considered the Lifestyle slut of DFW!  LOL

Please! Please, Please remember that when you are a couple or single male/female looking at the single woman for the one to join you or both of you that she has feelings as much as you do.  She also has her guard up against fakes, and people that could take advantage of her.  She is very cautious about meeting new people out in public and or private.

And if you are a couple asking a single female to drive to you over an hour away the please stop and think!  Think of what you are asking first!  I refuse to meet couples that beg me to drive to them over an hour away from me.  Do they think I have as brand new car and people waiting for my “Signal Flare” if I break down?  No I don’t.   PLUS most couples have a nice car.

Do the female a favor and come to her area and meet her around her place of choice, and take things slow and get to know her.  That would really make her very happy to find someone that truly cares about her well being.

Now that I have aired out all my frustrations onto you as a single female, write me back and let me know your take of “The Unicorn”  and what kind of experiences that you’ve had…

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