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Sex dice

She had been chatting with me over an hour, asking all sorts of questions, like "What are you into"?, "Will you play with other couples"?. The list of questions was neverending, and I just said "Hold up, hold up I'm trysexual". Then came the silence, that weird silence when nobody quite knows what to say.

Her response was, "What's a trysexual?".

I tell you, what I told her...

When it comes to sex, I like to be very open-minded, now I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with vanilla sex, it's just like ice-cream, I enjoy eating and partaking of the other flavours. Sameness and routine makes sex boring, spice it up a bit. I want my hair pulled, I want fantasy, role play, a collar with the word "Bitch" written on it...and I might not be the one wearing the collar!! Ok?

Up until two years ago I had not heard the term trysexual before, I was watching a porn movie and a woman pipes up and says that she'll try anything once. I almost fell off my chair and I thought that a) it sounded very sexy and b) that she probably has an interesting sex life.

That's just it right there, when you are willing to try anything sexually it opens up a whole new world of sexual experiences. . Personally speaking I always thought that I hated anal sex, but when I got good it and proper, I was the one running to get the lube...

Everyone has their limits I know, but I challenge you to try something new, you see that butt plug that looks really big, think about it. What about the couple who you've been exchanging emails with for weeks, have you added some webcam sessions to make it slightly more edgy?

As for swinging, trysexuality fits in perfectly. What's your current level, happy playing with straight couples only? Well you know, for years I thought I was strictly dickly, that first lick of a woman made me realise there is a lot to be gained by being flexible with your sexual preferences.

Now the most hottest conversation I ever had was with a woman who spent five years pushing past her sexual boundaries. She tried some fetish and BDSM, threesomes, sex clubs, moresomes, webcams, strap on play - the last time we chatted she was headed for an orgy in France. I learnt a lot from her, I salute her. Why, because at 60 she's fearless.

So the next time, you feel that your sex life needs sprucing up, consider a new position, a couple, some porn, a weekend away fucking your playmate silly in a hotel with very thin walls or whatever you feel like...

Have you tried any of the following:

Public Sex
I'm not talking about a fumble under the table at your local pub or bar, I mean butt naked out in the park where you could easily get caught, never mind about the grass stains, no thong required for easy access...

Anal Sex
This is orgasmic, if the strap on, cock or finger is well lubed and the pace is just right, add some dirty talk and it's amazing.

Strap on
Not exclusive to women who play with women, some men get off on the stimulation too, prostrate orgasms and all that good stuff...

Group Sex-When one is not enough...
Remember the game Monopoly? That's group sex as for as I'm concerned, because you have to think about what goes where and how, who pleases whom and who plays with who. Confused? No need to be, the more the merrier can be good if everyone involved is relaxed about the whole thing.
(Still not crossed this off my bucket list...shucks)

Swingers Holiday / Cruise
Whilst looking at places to go, I came across ads for a Swinger's Cruise and even a Swinger's airplane, I think this would take swinging to a new level, as you're amongst like minded people and the possibilities are endless.

Some of the best sex I have ever had has been with people who were not afraid to go beyond what they already knew about sex. There have been times, when afterwards when either they or I said "Mmmm, that was way out there...".

Now I've touched briefly on what I think trysexuality is, but the truth is it is anything you want it to be.

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