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Should I take on for the team?


Taking one for the team is an expression in the swinger lifestyle used for when one partner wants to hook up with a person and the other is left to hook up with their, less-desirable counterpart. But is there really such a thing as taking one for the team? If you really are concerned about your partner’s happiness why not take a sacrifice fly every now and then. I know we all say that we won’t take one for the team….. but come on !! Haven’t you just once??
In the world of swinging, we have found that it’s hard to find equally balanced couples and single females. Being an interracial swinger couple it’s really hard to find the right couple to play with. So what do you do when your partner has the hots for one half of a couple and the other half is not that attractive? Or what do you do when the “unattractive” part of the couple has great energy, knows how to party and has a great personality. Is that taking on for the team?
I can recall many nights when we’ve had a Caramel Craze Swinger Party or attended someone else’s party. And we’ve met couples where one half of the couple was not attractive, only to leave the party thinking what a great guy or lady that was, and maybe we should have played with them. But would we play with them outside of the party or the club? Probably not……Let me shoot this scenario at you. If you saw a couple on Kasidie.com (or your site of choice) and one of you had the itch for one half of the couple would you meet them for a play date? Now take that same couple and let’s say that you were at a party/club… it’s late ……and you’ve been drinking and dancing and mingling … would you consider it?
Well I’m not going to lie, I’ve taken one for the team! And Mrs. Caramel Craze will probably tell you that she has as well. It’s been many nights when we’ve had a little too much to drink that one of us has played with the less desirable half of a couple……and it probably won’t be the last. If any of you have played in a swinger orgy room, then you probably have made that sacrifice fly.
Here is some feedback from Swingers
“I consider taking one for the team to also mean a lousy lay, not just in the looks department. As I stated before, what looked to first be the happenings of a bad decision turned out to be a great night of sex, and this has happened on several occasions and from both sides!

Funny how many people equate slim or “fit” people to being good in bed.”
“Hell, as long as the Mrs. is happy I’m fine almost all of the time. We have the same taste in women and like I told her from the beginning, “if the guy doesn’t do it for you, nobody’s twisting your arm.” A major part of our LS relationship is in seeing her happy and turned on. Seeing her turned on always turns me on and it is unusual to find a couple with an attractive guy and an unattractive woman. For us, it usually comes down to the troll factor. (and that can be within his looks or personality.)”
“We never take on for the team…..under any circumstances! That’s not what the Lifestyle is about.”

So next time your encountered with this situation……..ask yourself……is this really taking one for the team?

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