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Squirting? She soaks everything!


Squirting? She soaks everything!

She soaks everything…you know who I’m talking about, the squirter. Some people love them, some people hate them. I don’t have a preference….I just would rather not be in the line of fire when it happens.  What is about this expulsion of fluid that turns on so many swingers?  I can remember playing with a couple one night, and while the female was riding me….she soaked me…..from my neck too my socks.  But that left me curious…. what’s the fluid?

Maybe this will answer some of your questions.  Female ejaculation (AKA:  Squirting) ejaculation of clear fluids by females from the par urethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm.  But where does this fluid come from and why?  And what is this fluid?

Most “experts” claim that the fluid is indeed not urine and the nature of the fluid has been narrowed down to being stress incontinence or vaginal lubrication.  But here is where the “Experts” lose me. They doubt that a woman can squirt as part of sexual arousal. HUH??  Any fluid produced at orgasm should be classified as squirting!

In questionnaire surveys, 35–50% of women report that they have at some time experienced the gushing of fluid during orgasm. Other studies find anywhere from 10–69%, depending on the definitions and methods used.  Reports on the volume of fluid expelled vary considerably from amounts that would be imperceptible to a woman, to mean values of 1–5 ml, although volumes as high as one pint (473 ml) have been reported.

How do you feel about squirters in the swinger lifestyle?  We asked a few readers and here are some of the responses.

“Dude, I love to see a lady shoot the stream.  I have never been able to make my wife squirt, so it’s kind of a fascination with me.”

“The dick has to be exceptional good for me to squirt. I just can’t do it with anybody, It just happens”

“After about five minutes of constant pounding, I usually start to squirt.”

“I get off making woman squirt. There is not a woman alive that I can’t make get the bed wet”

“I can’t stand it!  You can’t convince me that it’s not urine.”

“I’m able to control it now; I can squirt whenever I’m aroused, it’s like second nature now.”

“I was performing oral sex on a female….and she squirted in my face. She didn’t even tell me it was coming. I can’t stand it now”

Squirters have their own place in the swinger lifestyle.  Some people love it...some people can’t stand it.  My advice to you is; if you or your wife is a squirter. Be mindful of the people you play with!

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