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How are single males viewed in the Lifestyle


Assuming that you're a single female or a swinger couple, how do you view single males in the lifestyle? I interviewed a few couples for this article, and most said they play with single males………in the clubs. There are all types of single males in the Swinger lifestyle. Here are the types of single males that some of our readers described.

1. Aggressive – This is the guy that just won't stop emailing or following you around a party or swinger club. This is also the guy who emails a couple and says "Damn you're fine" "I would love to hit that" "Do you play with single males" (After your profile clearly states no single males. And the guy who talks to the male half of a couple all night with a hidden agenda to get in your wife's underwear later on.

2. Cheater/Profile Lurker- This is the more than likely the married guy. Who is a longtime paid member on all swinger dating sites that has no certs. The one who has no face pictures…….only dick pictures. The guy that sneaks on the computer while at work or while his wife in gone.

3. BBC-This is the hung Black male Swinger. Usually this is the guys that comes along and fulfills a couple's fantasy of having a single black male play with the wife. Most BBC are sought out by cuckolds or women wanting to be gangbanged. Most of the time a real BBC will be hung like a horse. NOTE……NOT ALL BLACK MEN ARE BBC!!!

4. The Fox- This is the single male that constantly tries to get the female half of a couple to play alone. Usually this single male has been part of a swinger couple. He probably screwed his thing up and now wants to screw up yours.

5 The Certified Single Male – This is the ideal single male in the Swinger Lifestyle. Here is the single male that get's into all the clubs and all the parties. He is very visible…..you see him at all of the big events. Here is the guy with 70+ certifications on Swinger dating sites. He'll never get out of line, and follows all of the rules. Usually a good looking conversationalist. Fits right in with couples and single females ……….and gets all of the play.

Some couples use single males in the lifestyle as a tool. I on the other hand only play with single males when Mr. Craze picks them out. Usually this happens when we're at a party and the single male catches my eye. If he follows all the rules and meets our requirements, usually Mr. Craze will give me permission to play. (As long as I'm on top…..he loves to see me ride).

Here is what people had to say about single males in the Swing Lifestyle

"I'm a single female, If I wanted a single male…….I could just go to a vanilla club."

"Some single males are ok. But some just mess it up for everyone."

"We love to throw a single male in the mix every now and then."

"There is to many single males in the lifestyle. Almost every profile you see online is a single male. We need more unicorns!"

"We play with a lot of single males. My wife loves them, and I get a kick out of watching her in action. But if we advertise it on swinger sites we get bombarded with endless emails!"

As you can see there are many different opinions about single males in the swinger lifestyle. Our opinion is that there aren't too many single males in the lifestyle……..just not enough good ones!

Mrs. Caramel Craze

AKA Bonnie

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