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The Miami Velvet Review

Escargot is not for everyone.  Let’s face it.  The texture and the presentation of (what I think) is a delicious dish is a little off-putting to those less inclined to experiment with food.  The swinging lifestyle is no less contentious.  Whether or not a person or couple enjoys their experience in the lifestyle all depends on the presentation, variety of choice, and overall level of comfort of the moment.  A person’s sexual palette is sensitive, and if you are anything like me, you look for those moments that you will savor for days, weeks, and even months to come…no pun intended.  So maybe you are looking for the opportunity to completely devour a couple without any kind of pretense or foreplay.  Maybe you are looking for a complete seven course meal, complete with an introductory drink, conversation, dancing, sensual grinding, nibbling, before losing yourselves in the nitty-gritty sex.  So, depending on your sexual appetite that evening, I would encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the venues available to best match your appetite with the places that can satisfy your hunger.

Miami Velvet
Miami Velvet Swinger's Club

Florida offers TONS of lifestyle-friendly clubs but for this article, I will introduce and review one: Miami Velvet.

If the name isn’t much of a clue, this venue is located in Miami just off Highway SR-826, making it easily accessible from all over South Florida.  A staple of Miami’s culture since it opened its doors in 2000, it’s difficult to miss Velvet’s purple neon lights from the street or the highway.  Couples, single women, and single men are all welcome, depending on the day of the week.  Sorry Gentlemen, Saturdays are for couples and single females only.  Membership is required to gain entry, as is the case with most swingers clubs.  Membership prices are available on the club’s website and I will allow you to come to your own conclusion about their rates.  They are more expensive than the local Trapeze club in Fort Lauderdale.  Though you may think Trapeze and Miami Velvet are playing the same game, they do so with completely different styles.

Miami Velvet is more representative of Miami culture in general.  Men and women are encouraged to dress their finest; even if a woman’s finest is nothing but a pair earrings and heels.  In fact, it may be preferred.  Think of it this way: take a South Beach or Downtown club with all of its glamour and highlights…then add sex.   On Saturdays, patrons have their choice of two DJs spinning different styles of music in separate areas of the club.  And ALL of it is clothing optional.  Nothing like ordering a drink from a handsome or beautiful bartender in nothing but my shoes.  While still BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage), Miami Velvet caters to the 21 to mid-30s crowd, giving you that party-type atmosphere combined with the option of poles to dance with, stages to strut on, televisions around every corner playing various genres of porn, and room, upon room, upon room to misbehave in.

The rooms!  MV provides you with couches in open areas if you really feel like sharing, rooms with mirrors on the ceilings and on the walls, rooms with windows to see into and be seen from other rooms, and rooms which are just large enough for as many playmates as you want to include.  My favorite room?  The Red Room.  It has a large wooden X with wrist straps at the top for restraining subs, a reclining sex chair, AND a Sybian with attachments.  To access these rooms, one must be completely naked or at least have a towel wrapped around them.  MV provides you with lockers in which you can keep your clothing and valuables in the meantime.

One of the best things about Miami Velvet is their Facebook group.  It allows you to see who other patrons are and even helps you arrange meetings with those you are interested in.  This kind of community contributes to the atmosphere MV provides.  This community is further supported by their Twitter account and their MVClub membership option as well.  You feel surrounded by people who are just like you, and people who are just like you tend to be supportive and protective of their kind as well.  MV has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, prostitution, and unwelcome aggression.  You need to play nice, or you will not get to play at all.  You will be shown the door and will be asked not to return.

In my humble opinion, the only thing MV lacks is the hot tub option.  They do provide wonderful showers, large enough to share with many people…but a hot tub?  I can’t describe how incredibly sexy that would be.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Miami Velvet does provide on premise breakfast though not made to order.  Throughout the evening, guests have to options of hot dogs, nachos, and assorted cheeses and sweets.

I asked the general manager, Jason, if they had any plans to expand to other places in the future.  He said the owner hasn’t completely ruled that option out.  So pay attention, you may see a Tampa Velvet or Jacksonville Velvet coming soon to a quiet corner near you.  *wink*

All in all, would I recommend Miami Velvet to my fellow Lifestylers?  Maybe.  We come full circle, as it all depends on your preference.  If you are low key and aren’t into the whole club scene, preferring a quiet one on one with a more mature crowd, then perhaps I would encourage you to forgo MV.  If you are looking to broaden your sexual palette, then I would encourage you to start doing your research.  Find MV on Facebook, figure out how to join their secret Facebook group, and start asking the questions you really want answered.  There is so much I haven’t touched on in this article, probably enough to fill a book.

I wish I could have included pictures, but cameras and cell phones are a big no-no at MV.  Discretion is very important, all things to the contrary.  Considering the fact that you are reading this article, I would hope a part of you already knows that.

By: Roxanne La Roux