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Public Sex: Fitting Room Assistance


Well, I can check one more thing off my bucket list!

I went shopping today. Yay!
For lingerie. Yay!
And I bought a lot of new stuff. Yay!

This store, which shall remain nameless, is really far from my house. So when I make an effort to patronize it, it is because I have a goal in mind. Today’s goal: No window shopping; get new sexy stuff.

But then something unexpected happened. My attendant got a little pushy so my husband stepped in to help me with the retrieving and deciding of what to try on and what would finally be bought. This was wonderful because he stayed with me in the fitting room as I picked what I was going to wear next. Now I didn’t have to wonder, “Will my husband like this? Will he think it looks sexy on me? Does he like it in this color?” What a great short-cut.

After I tried on the second piece, I was slipping the garment down my legs and looked up at him to see what item he had lined up for me to try on next. Instead, I saw him leaning against the wall, fly open, cock in hand.

His cock was only semi-hard, but I could feel the heat pooling between my thighs…even as I heard the store associate approach with more clothes I didn’t ask for. She let me know she would leave it hanging on the door and walked away again. I’m glad she didn’t wait for a response because my mouth was full of a spongy, yet quickly hardening, shaft.

The store was going to close in 20 minutes and I still had so much to try on. Not only that, we had to keep carrying on a conversation or else I was sure the associates would become suspicious. So I withdrew his cock from my mouth and stood up straight, watching as he replaced it back in his pants and we continued the matter-of-fact conversation about what we should and shouldn’t buy.

Ten minutes of lingerie fitting passed, as well as some picture time, and he returned. I was finished with the selections I had made, and was in the process of pulling my leggings around my hips when my husband grabbed my hips and attempted to push into me. I let go of my leggings and placed my hands on the red, cushioned bench to fight the force of his thrusting behind me. I took a moment to reach behind me, and spread the folds of my sex so he could spear into me. And he did.

Do you know how difficult it is to pretend you are putting your boots on when a 6’3″ man in pushing into you from behind? It is terribly difficult. It is almost as difficult as pretending you are justifying the lingerie selections you made to throw of potential suspicion. Imagine trying to do both at the same time. I am talented. *giggle*

There was no way we could have finished in that fitting room. But the lighting, the huge mirrors, the pictures we took of our naughtiness all made me so wet and hot, it was hard to walk out of the store without communicating that something had gone on in that room. I distinctly remember that fitting room smelling like sex when we left it.

Now what I need is to have a similar experience with another woman…

Any volunteers? ;)

So, MF Fitting Room Sex? Check!
FF Fitting Room Sex, here I come.

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