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Interracial Swingers Movement

Interracial Swingers

What is your idea of an interracial swinger? It’s actually a funny question in the swinger lifestyle, because most people actually consider an interracial swinger to be a relationship between black and white. Well that’s not the case!

Ask yourself this question….. What doesInterracial mean to you???  There is a misconception that interracial is black and white. Well it’s not! The definition is involving or existing between two or more races.  PRETTY CLEAR ……But in the “Swinger  Lifestyle”  the term Interracial Swingers somehow gets misconstrued as being a  Black and White couple.

When you see a Caucasian male and a Latino female couple in the Lifestyle, they are never considered to be aninterracial swinger couple.  The same applies to any combination of racially diverse couples in the swinger lifestyle. Why is the lifestyle like this?  Why do we label one racially mixed couple as Interracial Swinger couple, when no other combinations have that label?

You would be surprised how many females and couples have called and asked if they were welcomed at ourInterracial Swinger  parties. Come on guys if you’re Latino and your wife is White……that’s interracial. If you’re Asian and your hubby is black, that’s interracial right?

While we don’t knock interracial swinger parties or groups that focus on black and white, but we feel that this label has segregated swingers more than push towards the movement of truly being open minded. Because it’s only catering to Black and White.

When we say “Interracial Swinger party” this is what it we mean.  An atmosphere where everybody, regardless of race will be accepted

People in the lifestyle should be the last one s to use labels. We are judged by outsiders enough, so there is no room to judge or label our peers within the lifestyle.  Aren’t we supposed to be the most open minded people in the world? Aren’t we the one who look past the institutionalized way of thinking that separates us from our vanilla friends?

When you say Interracial Swingers……what does that mean to you? Our definition of an Interracial Swingeris……Swingers who party, meet and play with all races.

So if you’re saying, “Caramel CrazeInterracial Swingers  is a label”.  Well our label is to strip the labels.

This brings us to discuss how and why we started  Caramel Craze Interracial Swingers.  Yes the founders of Caramel Craze just so happen to be an Interracial  Swinger couple, Black and White. Years ago they noticed that the parties and clubs the they  attended were so segregated .

“We couldn’t believe that people open-minded enough to share partners weren’t open minded enough toInterracial Swingers” Said Mr Caramel Craze. “People were open enough to look past relationshipboundaries,but not racial ones”

At predominantly white swinger clubs Interracial Swingers couples in  place, Black Swingers in one place and Latino and Asian Swingers in another . And the same went  for Black Swinger Parties. Lots of evil eyes …..Especially if you’re an attractive couple.

Our idea of Interracial Swing= A atmosphere where everybody regardless of race will be accepted. Everybody plays the flavor of their choice  . No one feels left out, and everyone has an open mind. Even if you don’t play outside of your race,you can still coexist in one venue and be sociable.

Frustrated with the way things were,  Mr and Mrs Caramel Craze  decided to start their  own Interracial Swingers dating website.  The Caramel Craze Swingers website took off fast, getting 1,000 members in the first month.

As the Caramel Craze Interracial Swingers website   site grew larger,the owners felt that they needed to provide their members with better  features than they could provide on their platform.  After researching various swinger website. The owners felt they would provide the members of Caramel Craze a better  swinger experience by offering them the move to Kasidie.com.

Now they focus more on the Caramel Craze Interracial Swingers Magazine, and throwing parties in Louisiana and Texas. Spreading the true meaning of Interracial Swing!

For more info about Caramel Craze, visit Interracial Swingers .

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  1. Antara

    It's def hard, currently in a year and 3 motnhs online long-distance relationship. I think being smart is key, it takes longer to get to know someone online then it does in person. You need to know the ins and outs of that person before you agree to meet up in person. If you do agree to meet make it in a public place and make sure that if you can't bring someone with you, you NEED to tell someone (possibly more than one person) where you're going to be, who your meeting, what time and how long your planning to stay with them. Just use your head when it comes to dating someone you met online. If something doesn't seem right don't do it.