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What was your first impression??


Remember when you were first approached about the Lifestyle & Swinging altogether? How did you react that first time? Were you scared? Excited? Nervous? Jealous? Envious? Etc… Well I think I was all of the above and more when I was first introduced and told about the Lifestyle and Swinging.

I had never heard of swingers still being active and around since 70’s and never thought twice about what if or if it was something that was still a viable concept and actual Lifestyle that was still being lived to this day! I was just thinking about this guy I am dating, (we will call him Ken), and what his impression of me when we first met. I told Ken right away I was in the lifestyle. And until then had never thought of wanting to leave it for any reason.

I have noticed that some people are intimidated by the whole idea though. We must be very careful when we approach a Vanilla about the lifestyle since they are unfamiliar they will be quickly on the defensive and that is not what you want.

As I look back to my first introduction to the Lifestyle, I started to worry that Ken might have a bad impression of me or think I am a Slut, or that I don’t practice safe sex, which is far from the truth especially in the Lifestyle. I believe that LS people are actually safer than the average Joe about sex and are also much more open to talking about it with others. How much does Ken really know about the lifestyle and Swinging? Should I have discussed this subject with him more before coming forward and being honest about myself and my position? What kind of person does Ken see me as? What does he think I do at parties when I go alone or before we started dating? Is he going to be judgmental and never open up the possibility?

So I decided to take a step back, back to the beginning. To a time when a guy, we will call Ray, I was dating first told me about the lifestyle. What was my reaction? How did I feel at that point? Why did Ray want to do this without me? How was I going to adjust to the fact of sharing my man with another female and not getting jealous? At first, Ray wanted to try it out with a few friends and was NOT going to invite me to join the club so to speak. Well this started to really bother me. So I started to wonder and think… and think… and think some more… Then it hit me! OMG what is this man doing at these crazy wild sex parties and why doesn’t he want me to come and experience any of this fun!?!?!? Do I seem like a prude? Thought I was pretty good at this sex thing and have never had any complaints. So what was the BIG secret?? LOL, I can see some of you grinning at the recollection of this. Are you starting to think back on your first impression before you knew more about it too?

Now I knew I was a very sexual woman before I got into the lifestyle. But the terrifying thought that I would HAVE to engage in sex with EVERY man there, whether I was attracted to them or not, because it is just one huge orgy and that is what was done! There was no way I am going for that!

So I started to ask Ray questions. Wanting more info on the party he went to. The more he told me the details about what really happened, and the fact that it was NOT one HUGE orgy as I previously thought, the more and more excited, turned on, and curious I became. Now granted Ray totally had me at his mercy, and knew how much I enjoyed the sex we had. We would try new things, or go on and on for hours. But this added a spark or spice to the realm of what you dream about or imagine in your thoughts when sitting home, alone, horny, playing with yourself and having all the fantasies in your head go wild and ready to explode!

As he described the events, like everyone gathers around for a big party early. The kids are there for the early party, then at 9pm, the kids were all sent into the house and the adults continued their party in the barn. Now at this point I am expecting everyone to strip and get naked and start going at it! Isn’t that the whole point?? But that was not the case after all. They continued to stand around and drink, talk, dance and BS for several more hours. Now please be aware, this is a party in the country, where a bunch of folks that grew up together their whole lives, got married and NOW all have sex together! I was bewildered a bit because I could remember many boys I grew up with and the thought of ever having sex with them was totally out of the question! LOL

He continued with the story, telling me how people would go off to find a place in the barn to play alone and only took one or two people with them. He said that some would ask a woman if she wanted to join and if she said no it was totally fine. But it never happened. Mostly they already knew whom they were going to play with that person ahead of time. WOW! I was very aroused at this point thinking of some hot, young cowboy coming up to me and asking me to go roll in the hay with him! I would be in heaven! In addition, the fact that you didn’t have to go and everyone was ok with that was very cool too!! No peer pressure to perform or act. Totally relaxed!

He told me it was very tasteful and respectful and that the whole concept of swinging was centered on the woman getting hers and having the best time she could have. Now this is starting to sound more like it! I was imagining four hunky young, cowboys at this point coming to sweep me off my feet and have their way with me as others gathered around to watch. And I loved every moment of it! Hehehe back to reality now…..

The men would also have the option to play with another female if the wife approved after she was satisfied and they had agreed on it before in their rules. Hmm …. Rules? We have to set rules too?? This started to sound like heaven until I heard I had to follow a bunch of rules! I can’t remember everyone’s rules! What if I forget and screw something up?? This part made me nervous. I am so screwed…..(Too, be continued…)

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