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Hot, Wild and Unrestricted


This is my first blog post on Caramel Craze, so I'll give you a brief introduction and then get to the good stuff. I'm a black female sex blogger, webmistress of, a sexuality blogzine. What can I share with you about sex and swinging, loads I hope, although my encounters with swinging were few in numbers, they were amazing. I'll be commenting on what swinging taught me and how it inspires my writing as an author.

As a black woman, I struggled with the good girl, bad girl thing for years, like sucking dick was a sin and I was about to grow hairs on the back of my palms or some other crazy shit. Anyone remember that weird myth? So much has been written about alternative lifestyles and I'm not an expert so I can only say what being sexually free has meant for me.

Getting naked with a lover is so easy, getting naked with more than one person takes courage. You need to be secure in who you are, no hang ups about your body, about sexual preferences, you enter this whole new way of being with an open mind. If you can do this, you are in for a treat. I found swinging liberating in the sense that I played with people who were as open-minded as I am, they were willing to explore their inner kink.

If I had to say what my favourite moment was, I could not as they were all equally as good, but what I can say is this eating a woman's pussy while getting fucked by a man is the ultimate pleasure. Pleasing two people at the same time, takes skill. You learn so much from it, and all the stereotypes about female sexuality more or less vanished. Women can be sexually aggressive, go for what they want, ask for what they want and make each other come real hard and that can be from just the use of your fingers and your tongue.

So what led me to try swinging, I had reached a point in my life where I began blogging about my sexuality, I thought I had tried everything that I wanted to sexually, but I sensed that there was something more. It wasn't really planned as such, I bought a strap on cock and I guess it all started with that. I got talking to people on websites, chatrooms, placed a few ads even.

What I realised is that there were so many other women like me, who found their freaky side later in life. Sexually, I'm sort of at my peak, when I was swinging, I stopped worrying about how my body looked, in fact as a BBW (big, beautiful woman), I was embraced into the community. I learnt that sex can be fun, without the strings attached, if you know what you are doing and are able to see sex as pleasure.

Here's what I learnt:

Anal Sex

I found out that I love to give and receive, I'm superbad with a strap on my hips, hard work on the thighs though!! Loads of lube, never used so much in my life.


Sucking cock is nice, but eating pussy is on another level, now I get why some men go mad for it, having a woman eat me out is lovely but making her come while licking her clit is sooo good.


Some people insisted that kissing was not allowed, I tolerated it for a while but then I stopped playing with them, just because we were casually fucking, but the fact of the matter is, kissing makes the whole sexual experience better for me, slip me some tongue and suck on my bottom while you're fucking me, it's not rocket science.

Location, Location, Location

Unless, the people you are playing with are well known, it is best that you keep your encounters in the club, at a party or in a hotel, each to their own, just saying how it worked for me.

Losing Inhibitions

Whilst swinging, I found out that I really like BDSM, that I can be submissive and dominant, I hate labels but the term switch and trysexual fit me the most, sort of...I'm prone to add to my sexual repertoire. If it's a casual thing, you're main focus is sexual satisfaction. You've had the talk the pre-play talk, you've established your rules and etiquette, never forget to thank them for playing with you, that's just having good manners.


This more or less echoes losing inhibitions, I found people who were into trying new things, they encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone.

Those beautiful moments that I shared with people, inspire my writing, I am forever thinking of ways to reach the masses about the advantages of swinging, perhaps my next post will be an erotic story featuring swingers.

That's it, this was fun. Enjoy your Sexy Sunday



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