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Black Swingers

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                                         Black Swingers

Lately, I have noticed a change in the dynamics of the swinger lifestyle. There is just a little more color mixed in…..particularly black. There has always been a fair share of

Black Swingers

in the lifestyle, but there has never been enough.  Who knows the reason why it has taken black couples so long to get involved the lifestyle? Is it because of insecurity, jealousy or just simply not knowing?
If you browse swinger dating sites now, you will see more active profiles from black swinger couples, in the past you would only see a few profiles from black couples, mostly in cities like Dallas or Atlanta.

                                                       Black Swinger Parties

In the past, the majority of chocolate profiles on swinger dating sites were that of single black males. Single black females have always been sought after in the lifestyle, and surprisingly they outnumbered black couples.

                                                                            Black swinger groups

Recently there has been a surge of black swingers joining the lifestyle. Thanks to groups like the Chocolate Swirl of Dallas, DC Mingle of D.C, Sweet Sinsations of the Gulf Coast, The S Planet from Atlanta and Celebrity Swingers of Houston, The Black Swingers Club Website, AE Mingle, Eyes Wide Shutt and Trendsetter Promotions of Houston, black swinger couples are joining the lifestyle at an unprecedented pace.

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black swingers

Why is there such an interest about the lifestyle? Why is there an influx of black swingers now?  One fellow party promoter said, “I think music has a lot to do with it. All they talk about is threesomes!  Having a Ménage à Trois is pretty much mainstream now!  Not to mention straight women are going to strip clubs with their partners and after a few trips to the strip club it kind of evolves from there”.


I recently spoke with a black swinger couple just toes down in the lifestyle, and here is what they had to say about their newfound interest in the lifestyle “We always were down with freaky stuff in college. We would always get naked with friends in the hot tub, or everybody would have sex with their partner in one room. After we got married we talked about having a threesome with another female, and it happened…..A few times actually.  We started doing a little research online, and we found out what the lifestyle was really all about. We always thought it was men on men and women on women, some crazy stuff.  After we joined a few swinger dating sites, tried a  few swinger parties, then we found out what the lifestyle was really all about…. Now we love it”

The faces of the swinger lifestyle have changed.  It’s no longer just predominantly older white couples; it’s mixed with young educated open minded people of all races. This is truly what the lifestyle needs to continue our movement!


Also noteworthy organizations not mentioned in this article are  Enticing  SECS Unlimited,Squirt Entertainment, The Pillow Talk  crew from Dallas and Club Aphrodite of New Orleans and many more not listed.

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