My name is Karen Blue. My lover and I are very active in the swinger lifestyle. I started a blog about a year ago because I found I really needed a place to talk about some of our exploits. The result was a little niche on the net called I wanted to talk openly about our sex life, share some of what I learned with others, and offer advice about the swinger lifestyle. Before I met Miguel I have never thought this was possible. I really love our lifestyle. You can read all about our humble beginnings here. Miguel and I are a very laid back couple. We are just the typical couple next door, we have kids and we work but we are very serious about our “play time” though. We go out at least once a week.

Miguel is Puerto Rican and I am Caucasian. Miguel and I are both professionals in our vanilla life and we are both ex-military. We are very outgoing and very popular at the club that we frequent, Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL. We are by no means “sport fuckers”, we still have our standards. Together we have enjoyed many threesomes, soft and full swaps with local couples and singles. We recently enjoyed out first 6-some, with two other sexy couples. Although we go out 5 or more times a month, we don’t always hook-up with others. The best sex is still what we have with each other.

I was approached by a sex toy company last December to review a sexy toy for them on my website. I have since reviewed almost 100 adult products for various companies since then. Mostly what I review are vibrators, non they are not all created equally! I also review porn movies, erotic books, fetish/bondage gear, lingerie and adult accessories, (condoms, lube, candles, oils, etc.). I currently review adult products for 6 companies and manufacturers. I am a very lucky girl in that I get my hands on all the hot items on the market, some before they are even available for sale. I have loads of knowledge about adult products and I offer fair, honest reviews of the products I get to test out. These products have added so much to our sex life I don’t even know where to start. I especially love the kind of toys that are non-porous, easy to disinfect, and shareable! I have had the most fun trying some of my toys out with other couples in the lifestyle. I am really excited to be working with Caramel Craze on this blog. If you have any questions about me, the products I review, or any sex toy for that matter, just e-mail me or leave a comment.Bookmark and Share