I fuck on the first date.  But enough about me… Ha ha, just kidding.

Where do I begin? The basics? I am a woman, if my pictures have left any room for doubt. I am 27 years old, married, with two children. That in a nutshell, is the general information that everyone knows about me. Some of my family and friends know that I am bisexual.  I love men and women equally.  Though I am married, it has made no difference in my relationships.

What my family and friends do not know is that I maintain a blog dedicated to chronicling my deviance, my alternative lifestyle. This “lifestyle” includes many activities. For example: I am a hardcore exhibitionist in that I love flashing, doing webcam shows, and taking pictures of myself in various stages of undress and emailing or texting them to random gentlemen friends…and/or their wives.

I am also a dancer. While I do love casual dancing, here I am referring to burlesque performance. Since December 2010, I have only been on stage four times for eight routines, two of which were solo numbers. This hobby of mine feeds into the exhibitionism, providing me with a creative outlet and a stage on which to strut my…assets.

I am a writer. I am quite possibly as proficient a writer as I am a dancer, which is to say I am still learning. I have always had a way with words. History and Language Arts were always my best subjects. So I have chosen to apply this aptitude to the genre of erotica. My themes run the gamut between romantic and sexual to dirty and “horror.” While I may indulge in the supernatural, I do try to avoid gory scenes.

The piece de resistance, or at least the quality that shocks people the most about me, is the swinging lifestyle I lead. I’ll divulge more information on my experiences with this throughout my blog, but let it be known, I love it. I love the freedom and the sensations it and other participants have to offer. You can find my husband and I on Kasidie, SDC, and SLS if you would like to know more about our combined interests in this area.

I love life. I live for new experiences. I rarely shy away from challenges and have rarely come to regret it. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I enjoyed living them.

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