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August 25th, 2011

Should you really look for that one couple in the swinger lifestyle?

two couples at dinner party Caramel Craze

Should you really look for that one couple in the swinger

lifestyle? By Caramel Craze Interracial Swingers



uestion.  Should you really look for that one special couple to play with in the Swinger Lifestyle?  Or should you look for special couples to play with?    A lot of couples start off by looking for the ever so elusive Unicorn or that special swinger couple.  But we all know how that will change as time goes on. We all learn to lower our expectations as time goes on.

When looking through swinger dating site profiles you will probably see “Looking for that special couple “ or “Looking for that special female”. But should we really be looking for that special couple ….or that single female.   There are so many profiles where the couples are looking for specifics like –Master degrees- Bachelor degrees-Professionals-(my favorite)- Ken and Barbie .   It really sounds like people are looking for a husband or a wife, not a play partner!

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ow what do you when you find THAT COUPLE?  Do you hang out with them exclusively and take yourself off the market? Or do you just include them into your normal swinger activities? I’ve seen couples like this…….and it doesn’t always end up pretty.  What happens when Joe and Sally and Jim and Nancy spend every weekend together? Camping and swapping, clubbing and swapping, dinner and swapping. Joe and Sally are married during the week, but on the weekend Joe is banging Nancy and Jim is screwing Sally. Is it possible to spend so much time with a couple and not have feelings?


actually seen couples split because they got to close to a couple or a single female.  I can  remember one couple being together for over thirty years, only to have their relationship end because the wife fell in love with the live-in girlfriend.  I’ve seen Joe leave Sally for Nancy…..and Sally end up with Jim. Is that what the lifestyle is about?



this is weird….. But do you ever lose interest in a couple when you spend a lot of time with them?  We’ve become really close with some of our Swinger Lifestyle friends.(We even met our next door neighbors for the first time  at a  local swingers club) And the closer we became ……the less we played, until we don’t play at all. It’s not like the physical attraction isn’t there anymore. It’s just that true friendship has taken the place of physical attraction. We look at each other naked… each other screw…..but it just seems weird playing with them.

This is really not an article, but more of a question filled rant!  Let us know your thoughts on this subject!

Caramel Craze Interracial Swingers


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  1. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things differently.

  2. judy

    I was talking with my girl friends and the subject came up as to whether or not the guys might “PANIC” at the last minute in a FULL swap. Also I was curious as to how many times it would be emotionally SAFE to swing with the same couple before LOVE feelings started happening. OMG swinging is one of the greatest things the mind has ever thought of ! Sweet Jesus this is good !!!!!!

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