Eyz Wide Shut is a hot swinger club located in Tampa Bay, Florida. It boasts being the BEST swinger club in the state. It is not hard to see why!

The “club” is actually Eyz Wide Shut II with Eyz Wide Shut being the lodging facility. They have one of the the best layouts I have ever seen. The club has a fully stocked liquor bar, a DJ, a large dance floor, a game room, a full buffet, and a heated covered smoking area outside. The club is very high class and tastefully decorated. They have three bars and a back room for special events.This club is clean, right down to the bathrooms. They have security all over the place. Yes, they will check your bag upon entering the club. The club is a regular club with a sexy twist. They have a dress code for men and a no-nudity policy. Ladies your nipples must be covered and you should wear panties, everything else is optional.

How can I describe my favorite club without sounding a bit bias? I really love this place. The cool thing is they have the licensing to back them up as well. They are the only club in the area to have an adult lodging license. You gain access and pay on the club side. They give you a wrist-band that let’s the staff know if you can go on the lodging side. You can purchase either club side only or full access. They offer free tours to folks that purchase full access, tours of the lodging side, until 11. The lodging is very deluxe with 22 rooms and three big common rooms. You check your phone in at the door where they offer free lockers. No phones or camera are allowed on the lodging side. Your privacy is secure. I usually take in a goodie bag full of toys. The lodging side has security to let you in the rooms. All the doors are locked and you must get access with security or be let in by another guest. All of the rooms are cleaned immediately after use. Some of the rooms are available for overnight lodging. The lodging side offers a deluxe setting for intimate play. All of the rooms have themes and beds and some have kinky furniture, (like thrones and benches). They also have a dungeon room available which has some really cool furniture. My favorite being the St.Andrew’s Cross! The lodging side has showers and full sized lockers for folks planning to stay a while. The rooms have an hour time limit, unless you purchased it for the night.

This club gets pretty packed on Friday and Saturday night. You must purchase a month membership which is an extra $10 but it is worth every penny. The staff are all really friendly and welcoming. I can almost say I have never had a problem with overzealous single men there. Their rules are pretty strict on the amount of singles guys they let in and just a word to security and they take care of it. The people that work there seem to love the lifestyle and are very accommodating to requests.

I have had so much fun there. We have been going for almost a year. It is always a good time! This place is almost always packed with sexy people. It is a favorite of the locals and a traveler’s sexy destination. If you are in the area go check it out for yourself. The parties there usually have themes which are posted on the website. Most nights they have sexy contests and give away prizes.

Yes, I would recommend this club! It is the best club of it’s kind in the the state. Check it out for yourself and tell them Karen Blue sent you!

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