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October 4th, 2011

How do you build a better profile? Advice from Shanna Editor of Caramel Craze

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Written by: Caramel Craze

You would think that would be a plain and simple answer. But it’s not. You must consider several things when creating your swinger dating profile so you can get more of what you are looking for. What do you look for in a swingers profile?
Do you talk to people that do not have a picture?
Do you want to reach couples or singles or both?
Do you want to meet people that are younger, same age, or older then you?
What peeks your interest?
These are just a few of the things you must consider and they do pertain to Swinger Sites but can be used in almost any dating/swinger website you go to. So let’s get started, OK?

1. Photos. NOT! One of your genitals! Put up a nice FACE pic of you on your main page. (Both of you if you are a couple). BUT, if you need to be hidden because of your job, then try to allow some part of your face to be seen. There are plenty of photo editing programs to help with this and some of the sites have that tool right there for you to use for free. This way you can have face pics in your private albums and state that you can share them if needed.

2. DO have pictures taken by a spouse or friend. LOL If all of your pictures are taken in the bathroom mirror people are going to think you don’t have a single friend to point and shoot for you. 3. Smile! I can’t tell you how often I have to ASK for a picture of them smiling! (I’m sorry if it seem superficial but I simply must know that you do have all of your teeth!) I always say that you can meet someone and later become attracted to them but you never think, “Wow that ugly guy/girl over there is someone I really have to meet and get to know.”

4. Pictures taken WITHIN THE LAST YEAR PLEASE! Nothing from the 70′s, 80′s, or 90′s, EVER! This is 2011. We all want to put our favorite picture up from when we looked slim and tan and all but we must be realistic. 5. BE HONEST. I know this is a hard one for most. Explain exactly what you are looking for. If you like long term friends to have a relationship with, SAY IT! If you are a onetime only kind of couple, SAY IT! If you want crazy rough sex, or you are a male who likes to wear women’s underwear, or a person with a clothing fetish, SAY IT! If you don’t, you may end up being rejected faster than you can ask why.You're Invited! Join the party at!6. DON’T LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE OR SIZE! Don’t you think people will figure it out once you meet? If your pictures are of you young and buff and you show up old and overweight you will be rejected. Remember BE REALISTIC!

7. VALIDATIONS! GET SOME! Even if you haven’t gotten “busy” with anyone yet, you have probably met others in the lifestyle. Exchange validations. It’s as simple AS, “you do me and I will do you.” People need to know you are real swingers and this is the best way to do it. It also means that you can make friends and hold a conversation long enough to get another person’s information.

8. Join a few groups or swinger communities on the site you are on. Participate in discussions. This can lead you to others who do share the same interest as you.

9. DO NOT use text speak or slang in your descriptions! I am not the grammar police. I get punctuation wrong more often than not. People want to know that you can hold an intelligent conversation and saying or typing “wit” when you mean “with” is not how you want to start out. Come on! You left out one letter. How much longer would it have taken to spell out the word?

10. Get your words right. I often see “are” when “our” was meant. I see “there” when “their” was meant and so many more. Really?? Has it come to us not even knowing what word or form of a word to use?

11. Read and write your swingers profile together. You may not have the same ideas about what your spouse is looking for. You think you do, but so many found that they don’t really know everything. This can be a real place of discovery for you both.

12. Pay attention to the details as you fill them in. I have seen that people list their age, height, weight and race and absentmindedly switched it with their spouse or partner. So you see her height says 6’1″ and his says 5’4″ and you see their picture or meet them and they are the opposite.

There are so many more that I could touch on but I will stick with these for right now since they are some of my biggest pet peeves or mistakes I have seen so much more often than not.Bookmark and Share

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Caramel Craze
Part owner and Co-founder of Caramel Craze Inc The Erotic Social Communities


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